Honey Processed Coffee

Our Story

Baja Beans Coffee began in 2010 when Alec and April Tidey decided to pack up life in Vancouver, Canada and start a new adventure in Pescadero, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

They started a cafe, roasting the best quality Mexican grown coffee beans they could find, that quickly became the meeting place for the local community. Each Sunday the Cafe hosts our weekly Farmer’s Market where local artisans, farmers, and craftsmen sell fresh produce, jewelry, paintings, locally made clothing, and much more.

In Alec’s own words ...

“ In July of 2010, I got the urge to spend my time a little differently. On a whim, I brought down 2 kilos of Guatemalan grown coffee from Vancouver, BC and passed out coffee to surfers at the beach. They came back with a thumbs-up, favorable "we love this coffee" type of attitude.

Recognizing the lack of high-quality coffee in the area, my friend and owner of Bean Around the World, Barney Mackenzie, a coffee connoisseur for over 25 years, suggested that I started roasting coffee in the Baja. The search for a German Probat 12 kilo roaster started in the PNW, in Seattle, Portland, then south onto San Francisco and the L.A. area. In San Diego up popped a 1980 12 kilo German Probat roaster. Vintage. We had bought ourselves a roaster!

The next step was to design and create coffee roasting company in Pescadero with my wife, April. The property sits a couple of blocks off of the highway in an old field of mango trees in the small town of Pescadero.”

Our Mission

Our Mission is to add to the growing specialty coffee culture in Mexico by providing Mexican coffee that rivals the finest in the world.